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Memories created with passion – Santorini Wedding Flowers

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Santorini Wedding Flowers

Get Inspired for your Santorini Wedding Flowers from our posts below, Each related to different subjects! As Wedding Flowers team, We will be by your side from day one. Decide which theme best describes your personality and let's tailor together your elegant design! Make a Statement like no other and have a wedding full of joyful symbols!

Catamaran Yacht Decorations

We also provide flower decoration services on catamaran and other type yachts! If you’re going to be vacationing in Santorini and would be interested in a Sailing Cruise then there’s one company we’d highly recommend. Throughout the years professionalism and consistency has proven that the Best Catamaran Cruise company in Santorini is Sirigos Sailing, Click on the link for find more!


Santorini Wedding Flowers Reviews

wedding flowers santorini

So Happy with our flowers!

Thank you so much for helping us on such an important day, The wedding flowers were amazing and your assistance is greatly appreciated! Many of our guests even complimented on how great of a work you've done, Really a piece of art thank you again! We'll give you wonderful Santorini wedding florist reviews everywhere we can!

Phil & Amanda
santorini wedding flower reviews

Our Santorini Wedding Flowers were amazing!

Thank you for our flowers in Santorini , They were so beautiful! Really make the atmosphere much better! It really seems that the details are what makes a place beautiful!

Thomas & Elisa
santorini wedding florist reviews

We are very pleased with the outcome!

Decorating our private dinner in Santorini with flowers was such a great idea. Everything looked magical and we took some of them back to our hotel which made our stay even nicer, Thank you!

Daniel & Margaret
wedding florist santorini review

Everything looked so wonderful!

Our wedding flowers looked so nice! Thank you for making our santorini wedding special!

Evelyn & Nathan
santorini proposal flowers reviews

Thank you for your great work!

Our Proposal was really special thanks to you and the team of Santorini Proposals! Appreciate your work and passion flowers!

Emmanuel & Nataly
santorini wedding flowers couples review

Best Wedding Flowers ever seen!

Your work is absolutely amazing! Thoose Santorini wedding flowers are the best we've ever seen, Thank you so much!

Jake & Elda

Boho Chic Wedding Flowers & Santorini's Culture

Santorini has a unique Greek style which matches very well with the bohemian wedding flower theme. It's very fun for us to mix and match these two style into one and create beautiful wedding flower decorations. Our favor boho chic wedding flower detail are the pampas! Pampas are the base of most of the flower bouquets and center pieces for the Santorini wedding flower decorations. There is a lot more of that on our partner website at the button below, Your Big day is as important to us as it is for you! Always happy to talk about ideas and special requests which will make your flower decoration the best you've seen!

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