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Boho Chic Wedding Santorini

A Bohemian Ceremony has become the latest trend for the past couple of years. More and More couples tend to be attracted to the bohemian style and hippie influences. Boho chic weddings are associated with the hippie culture because of the love and peace it inspires and represents. Thus we’ve put together a small list of 5 most popular Boho Chic Wedding Santorini trends you might find interesting!

5 Best Boho Chic Wedding Santorini Ideas

1 – The Elegant Boho Chic Style Santorini Wedding.

boho chic wedding santorini

The Elegant boho chic style matches very well with every Santorini Wedding Venue. The reason being that nature decorations fit right in with the island’s natural colors. These Weddings are usually happening at a private area where we can decorate the place for the ceremony. It’s very popular for pampas to be included on the bridal bouquet and the wedding arch. Next important aspect is the reception/restaurant after the wedding. In order to have a Boho Chic Style Wedding in Santorini you’ll need peonies and earthly colors on chairs and tables.

2 – A Cliff Side Natural Boho Wedding.

outdoor santorini elopement

Due to the Volcanic soil of Santorini, A Boho Chic Wedding is a perfect idea! The colors of Santorini are a mix of Yellow, Red and black rock. Mixed together with the earthly design of our wedding flowers decorations looks just magical. This type of wedding is usually outdoors on a cliff looking over the volcano and our famous sunset. Some Wedding Venues have big areas around them where your photographer will take you for pictures. Therefore you will be able to capture all of Thira’s beauty in your special moments!

3 – The Pampas Boho Chic Santorini Flair.

thira marriage florist

It’s a well known fact that pampas are the flowers of Bohemian inspired events. Although pampas are fairly known by everyone, When seen on a piece decorated for a wedding they are something else. Pampas Grass are a good choice for your boho chic wedding in Santorini and they are fairly affordable as well!

4 – A Wooden Wedding Altar.

boho chic santorini wedding altar

The second hottest trend after the pampas grass are the wooden altars. Wooden Altars come in many shape, Some may have four legs and be square and others may have three legs. Wood shows simplicity and quality together, It’s beautiful and blends right in any outdoor area! Gazebos are usually completely or half filled with white flowers and greenery.

5 -The Outdoor Dinner & Ceremony.

santorini outdoor boho dinner and wedding

Most Santorini weddings occur during the summer season when the weather is warm and nice to be outside. An outdoor dinner set up is a great idea for boho weddings and other gathering events. This can be set up with a few simple things such as fairy light, wooden chairs and tables and a lot of flowers! A Ceremony at a beach or at the Caldera and overlook the sunset, Is something your family will remember forever! As your Santorini Florists we’d love to talk about your big day! Click at this link to get in touch!

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