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Santorini Wedding Bouquet

7 Popular Santorini Wedding Flowers

1 – Roses Flower Bouquets.

rose wedding bouquet 

Popular Santorini Wedding flowers are always going to be the Roses  , It’s a classic never ending symbol of class. A Rose Wedding Bouquet can have hundreds of different variations. Meaning, Roses differ in sizes and colors, They are very easy to make unique to match your wedding dress and personality! These flowers are the most common choices for brides getting married here in Santorini.

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2 – Peonies are very popular santorini wedding flowers.

peony santorini wedding bouquet 

Peony Wedding Flowers are a great choice for a vibrant Santorini wedding that will make a statement! There are 5 different types of peonies growing in Greece and they are a great flower for summer. Peony Bouquets are usually made with greenery around them to bring out the bright colors of the flowers. The most popular color for wedding flowers when it comes to peonies is pink.

3 – Popular Wedding Gardenia Flowers of Santorini.

gardenia wedding bouquet 

Gardenia is a delicate white flower that look stunning accompanied with greenery and a white dress. This flower not only looks good but also smells phenomenal. Gardenias are usually used for centerpieces and other decorative wedding flower pieces because they are stemless. But they can also be made into an elegant bouquet.

4 – Daisy or Gerbera.

gerbera santorini wedding bouquet 

Many know this flower as a daisy, The White petals and yellow center flower. This flower can be found growing year round and it’s a great choice for keeping a happy atmosphere. Gerberas come in different colors such as Yellow, Orange, Pink and Red. They are an easy flower to match with any wedding decoration.

5 – The Orchid. 

orchid santorini wedding bouquet 

The Orchid goes really well with islandic atmospheres and that’s why it’s so popular among other Santorini wedding flowers. The orchid is a great detail for wedding bouquets and all kinds of decorations surrounding a Santorini Wedding. The orchids are commonly found wedding flowers because of the thousands of species they have. Which means many different colors and color variations.

6 – Baby’s Breath are Popular Santorini Wedding Flowers.

baby breath santorini wedding bouquet 

Baby’s breath is the go to flowers to include in your wedding floral package. Baby’s breath is the detail that makes all the difference between plain flowers and a dreamy wedding flower arrangement. Due to its delicate appearance, It can be used to accompany the main wedding flowers on the bouquet. Another great use for Baby’s breath is on a flower crown or the boutonniere.

7 – The Popular Pampas Grass.

pampas santorini wedding bouquet 

Pampas have taken over the wedding scene of Santorini the past couple of years and they are here to stay! Pampas started by being paired with other earthly colored flowers for boho chic weddings. They are no used everywhere! Pampas can be used for all kinds of approaches either hand-held or stable. The most popular santorini wedding flowers are right here! You can make a statement with the volume of these flowers just by placing them on the ground!

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