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Santorini Wedding Florist

We are a passionate team of Santorini Wedding Florist. Who love to work on making your wedding, Baby shower, Marriage Proposal and other important events special! Our Primary goal is to be able to provide every couple with their dream flower decorations. The team of Santorini Wedding Flowers consists of an experienced number of passionate florists. We’ve been in the wedding industry of Santorini for many years and we are more excited than ever to start working on new projects and bring new ideas onto the table!
Being a Santorini Wedding Florist is a fun art that we are very enthusiastic about. 90% of our couples come from other places of the world which means we get to meet new people every day! Sometimes we also meet Wedding Florists who themselves get married in Santorini. Which is very fun because we get to talk about our passion, Flowers! But also exchange ideas about their Style and Design of preference.

Our Flower Shop

Our Shop is located 5 minutes away from the main square of Fira. Firstly, We are very easily accessible, As there is parking area all around the building. In addition, Across of our shop is the “Paper Shop” Book Store. After that, Next to us is the Big Football Field of Fira which is easily seen from afar!
Our Santorini Wedding Florist Shop is also available for the open public to visit and get something beautiful! Secondly, This is the place you can meet us and discuss your wedding day. Our office offers a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable area for younger children as well. In the office we will be able to have a private meeting and talk!

Santorini – Greece

Fira/Karterados, Santorini, Greece, 84700
Phone: +30 22860 28115

Santorini Wedding Venue

Why Choose us?

Wedding Decorations are a passion to us, We love to be creative with our flower projects and try to match the character of the couple with their Santorini Flowers!

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