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Santorini Wedding Flower Decoration

Santorini Wedding Flower Decoration have a standard when it comes to wedding ceremonies. Among a priest, a wedding dress and ring exchanges, There should be flowers! A Lot of them!

A Short list for Santorini Wedding Flower Decoration usually consists of. –

  1. Bridal Bouquet.
  2. Wedding Table Centerpiece.
  3. Groom’s boutonniere.
  4. Ground Floral Pieces.
  5. Gazebo Flower Decoration.

Sometimes flowers can be expensive and hard for some couples to be able to afford them, We understand! That’s why we have very competitive prices and always give a little more than expected as a gift to make sure our couples are happy for their big moments!

5 Reasons we are the best for your Santorini Wedding Flower Decoration

1 – We love wedding decorations

Wedding Decorations are a passion to us, We love to be creative with our flower projects and try to match the character of the couple with their Santorini Flowers!

2 – We offer more than Flower Decoration.

Of course flowers are more than enough for your wedding flower decorations, But we offer even more than that! A Complete package should have inside decorative candles and other props that will put together the theme of your wedding nicely. This way the event will look more well thought out and way more beautiful for the pictures!

3 – Innovative Ideas for Santorini Floral decorations!

Yes, Sure the previous weddings and ideas are beautiful and of course you deserve something beautiful. Each Wedding should be different though and beautiful in its own way! For that reason we are always on our feet and look for the next new thing to apply to our art. Which brings us to our next point.

4 – We Like new things

Being a florist is a never ending learning path. There is always new information and new ideas to incorporate into a flower theme to give that edge we seek!

5 –  Santorini Wedding Flower Decoration Experience & Profession

The team of Wedding Flowers Santorini is the most experienced in the field of Santorini Weddings than all other teams. We are a part of the local industry for many years in which we’ve learned and evolved through. When there is passion and experience there is good results, And that’s what we provide!

wedding flower decorations santorini

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