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what do your santorini wedding flower mean

What do your Santorini wedding flowers mean

Wedding Flowers is a delicate matter, Each Flower symbolizes something different. In this post, We’ll discuss the difference between several wedding flowers brides often choose. Further more, We’ll talk about combinations you can make and ways to make your santorini wedding flowers unique. So What do your Santorini wedding flowers mean?

A Short History moment – 

Back in the Day, The Grooms and Brides believed that flowers brought happiness and health into their marriage. The married-to-be couple would wear strong fragrance flowers on them which meant a prosperous and happy life. Until today this custom is still on going in various places around the world!

The Bridal Bouquet is known to offer love and faith to the wedding. The way the bouquet is tied is not random either! The tie around the wedding bouquet symbolizes the close relationship the couple will remain to have over the years. Between the years of 1837 – 1901 The groom and the bride gave each other flowers that meant something specific upon the wedding ceremony. It’s no coincidence groom’s boutonniere matches with the bride’s wedding flowers. Back then, The Men would wear colors their ladies liked while battling in the arenas.

Of course things have changed from back then and the wedding flowers are chosen for aesthetic reasons. Although many couples research the meaning of flowers and use guides as such to determine which flowers symbolize their personalities.

We’ve put together a few of the most asked about flowers so you can learn what do your Santorini Wedding Flowers Mean! For more Popular Santorini Wedding Flowers check out this LINK!

So, What do your Santorini Wedding Flowers Mean?



  • Lily – Magnificence

meaning of Lily wedding flower

  • Lily of the Valley – Purity and humility

meaning of Lily of the valley santorini wedding flower

  • Peony – Good fortune

peony santorini wedding flower meaning

  • Calla lily – Purity and faith

calla lily meaning

  • Ranunculus – Charm

ranunculus meaning santorini wedding flower

  • Orange rose – Fascination

meaning of orange rose

  • Pink rose – Loveliness

meaning of pink rose

  • Gardenias – Joy

meaning of gardenia flower

  • Hydrangea – Pride

Hydrangea wedding flower meaning

  • Beige rose – Modesty

beige rose flower meaning

  • White rose – Innocence

white rose flower meaning

  • Burgundy rose – Lust

burgundy rose wedding flower meaning

  • Red rose – Love, happiness

meaning of red rose

  • Carnation – Boldness

carnation flower meaning

  • Orchid – Beauty

orchid wedding bouquet meaning

  • Tulip – Love

tulip wedding flower bouquet meaning

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